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Welcome to TOPSCCC Technology (Thailand)

Company in brief

TOPSCCC Technology (Thailand) Co.,Ltd. Was was founded in March 2013 in Bangkok share hoder between TOPSCCC Technology Co.,Ltd. (Taiwan) as Since 1987 has been manufacturing focused on industry PC business solution and

 Automation Hunter Co.,Ltd. (Thailand) as since 1995 focus on Industrial Facility Monitoring & Control System Solution

Your Valueable Partner for Industrial Automation & Plant Monitoring System Product

555/100 บี-อเวนิว ถนนสุขาภิบาล 5 แขวงออเงิน เขตสายไหม กรุงเทพฯ 10220
555/100 B-Avenue Sukhapiban 5 Rd., Au-Ngen, Saimai, Bangkok 10220
Tel : 662-1925934 Fax : 662-1925932 Mobile : 6681-657-9520

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