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Series 9000 Module
EX9000 Series provides high quality and highly cost-effective products for reliable valuable
Industry control network and system.
We offer the full range of products like as Digital I/O , Analog I/O, Time/Counter, RS232 to
RS485/422, GSM/GPRS & Wireless Lan Module & Ethernet to Modbus Data Gateway & Fiber
Optic & USB converter, Repeater, mainframe interface, data display and application software.
EX9000/EX9000-Modbus Series Feature:

"AutoPro" function inside

All-in-one function


Panel PC
Panel PC 

Converter & Repeater
EX9520 ,EX9510 ,Zigbee ,EX9132 ,Ethernet ,POE ,Fiber optie 

EX9000-MTCP Series
Ethernet IO series TCPDAQ 

EX9188E-MTCP Series
Internet Embedded Controller 

Box PC&Linux Series
Box PC&Linux Series 

PCI I/O Card Series
PCI I/O Card Series 

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