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Name : EX9486-4L-4S
DetailsRS-232/422/485*4 TO LAN/WLAN*4
  The EX9486-4L-4 is a mini-mighty Linux-ready ARM9-based computing platform
for embedded headless run-only application. It comes equipped with four Ethernet,
four TTY(serial) ports, two USB host and one USB client ports, plus one internal
SD memory card slot and twenty-one TTL-level GPIOs in an incredible small
package measuring only 160x104x32 mm.

• 100% Linux Compatible , Hassle Free
The EX9486-4L-4 is a true Linux computing platform and it supports versatile
file systems. Users can operate the EX9486-4L-4 the same way as they do on a
normal Linux desktop.
• Support Wire and Wireless Networking
The EX9486-4L-4 comes with four standard 10/100Mbps Ethernet ports for
wired networking. In addition, it is easy to add IEEE-802.11b/g WiFi support by
simply plugging an USB WiFi dongle into the EX9486-4L-4.
• Four Speed TTYs (Serial Interface)
Also, the EX9486-4L-4 provides four 921.6Kbps high-speed TTY ports. All
ports can be configured as RS-232, RS-422 or RS-485.
• Twenty-one TTL-level GPIOs
The EX9486-4L-4 comes with twenty-one TTL-level digital I/Os. Each pin can
• Optional 4GB SD Card for Data Storage
Users can install one standard SD Flash memory card, up to 4GB now, into the
EX9486-4L-4 as an additional hard drive.
• GNU Tool Chain for Application Development
Open-source GNU Tool Chain, including C/C++ cross-compiler and POSIX
standard C/C++ library, is bundled with the EX9486-4L-4 for free.
be individually programmed as input or output.
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