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Name : EX9051-MTCP
Details12 Input & 2 output & 2 counter/frequency channels with ModbusTCP
Modbus TCPIP to 16-channel(12DI & 2DO) Digital I/O w/ 2 Counter& Frequency Module
• Support Ethernet 10/100 Based-T communication
• Support protocol Modbus/TCP,TCP/IP,UDP,ICMP,ARP
• Support 12*DI (Direct/Counter/Freq/Latch)& 2*DO
  (Direct/Pulse/Delay Width)
• Support 2 channel Counter/ Frequency 4.5KHz Counter
  (Filter/SignalWidth-H/L)/4.5KHz Frequency
  (ValueSelect)/Latch(H/L) inputs
• Support isolated input/output channel
• Support 1KHz Pulsed(Freq/Width-H/L/Counts)/Delay
  (H-L/L-H Width) output
• Support Dry/Wet contact Digital input type
• Support open collector type Digital output
• EX9000-MTCP series Utility/Software/Command/Web
  Server Support:
Utility of EX9000-MTCP
TCPDAQ(Ethernet I/O) ActiveX Control
TCPDAQ(Ethernet I/O)Data Structure
ASCII Command
MODBUS Command
Web Server

Module ModbusTCP EX9051-MTCP

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